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Vero Beach And Sebastian Ductless or Mini Split Systems

Ductless SystemOur professional Vero Beach HVAC Contractors have successfully completed factory training in the areas of applications, sales and service for Mitsubishi's Mr. Slim product. Our company has invested our time to obtain personalized, hands-on training (including practice on Mr. Slim equipment) Our air conditioning technicians offers you the most reliable environmental comfort available with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heating and air-conditioning products.

With recent advancements of the mini-split or ductless systems, you can now easily and efficiently heat and cool your whole home, whereas in just recent years these systems were only available for one room applications. Today, they are quieter, use less energy, and are smaller, and much more attractive, making them better than ever before.

About Ductless Systems

The term ductless air systems means simply that no ductwork is involved. The system is comprised of two units, a slim-line outdoor condenser, and an indoor air handler. These together heat and cool your home. There are large units to heat and cool your entire home and vary in size down from there to small one room ductless units.

The condenser supplies coolant to the air handler through refrigerant lines that run through a small opening in the wall or ceiling and into the back of the unit. With new technologies, today these systems are highly efficient and take up minimal space.


The air handler takes in supply air from the room through the front grill and dispenses the air-conditioned air back into the room. For certain models, special filters are available that promote added humidity control and filtration.

Many Vero Beach residents are having mini split systems installed in order to provide cool and warm air to their home in a more efficient manner. Safer and more efficient than traditional window units and space heaters, mini split systems in Vero Beach make any room in your home or your entire home more comfortable year round.

Mr. Slim Ductless Split Air System

Mr. Slim is a ductless split air conditioning system. If you are familiar with a central system, you have the basic idea of what a split system is, and outdoor condensing unit and an indoor evaporator unit. The basic difference between the two is that with the central system the evaporator unit is typically found in the attic and has ductwork branched off to the different rooms in your house.

With Mr. Slim the evaporator is actually in the room being air-conditioned. The indoor unit has a quiet fan that blows across a cold aluminum coil while in the air conditioning mode. The indoor unit is usually a wall mounted type and this unit is connected directly to the outdoor unit by copper tubing and control and power wiring.

In the outdoor unit a compressor cycles refrigerant to and from the indoor and outdoor unit and the room air is cooled or heated based on the direction the refrigerant flows between the two.

Mr. Slim works like any basic air conditioning system in that the mechanical components employed and the physical process of evaporation occurs. Mr. Slim is a ductless split design that simply means the indoor unit is separated from the outdoor unit and is connected by a gas and a liquid refrigerant line.

The outdoor unit is considered the "hot-side" during the air conditioning process. The "cold-side" unit is located indoors. In the heating process the compressor reverses this operation and the heat energy is evaporated in the outdoor unit and the indoor unit collects this heat energy while a fan blows over the indoor coil and distributes the warm air into the room.

Other brands of ductless systems are LG Art Cool - mini-split ductless.

If you are looking for Ductless Air Systems in Vero Beach & Sebastian, please call us today at 772-299-9818 or complete our online request form.

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