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Corrosion Protection For Vero Beach And Sebastian Area Homes

We are a full service residential air conditioning contractor dedicated to providing service that's as unbeatable as our rates. Specializing in AC and heating system services as well as air quality control, we are the hardest working HVAC contractors in the business! Let us show you how dedicated we are to providing you with quality corrosion protection and other products and services that are perfectly suited to take care of any HVAC needs you have.

Corrosion and rust are harmful to any system, especially your heating and cooling system, but our corrosion protection coatings can greatly reduce this problem for your Vero Beach or Sebastian area home.

Corrosion on your coils is one of the most common causes of structural damage to your air conditioning system. Corrosion can lead to reduced usefulness of the affected structure, leaks in the coils, rust damages, and, ultimately will cause need for more repairs, higher operational costs to the system, and early replacement for your air conditioning and heating unit.

Corrosion commonly affects metal or steel surfaces. When corrosion protection coatings fail for these substrates, corrosion comes in the form of a nearly-undetectable chemical reaction attacking the surface. Eventually, corrosion will lead to the loss of surface integrity, and will be visible as stains, discolorations or irregularities in the surface. If pitting or rust are present, it's often a sure sign you have corrosion going on within the metal.

Corrosion Protection Coatings For Coastal Homes

Living near the coast means that salt water exposure can cause the metal coils on our air conditioning and heating systems in the Vero Beach or Sebastian areas to corrode. Over two years of ocean salt spray exposure, uncoated coils show a constant decline in operating capacity.

However, those protected coils maintained close to their original operating efficiency. Operating costs for the uncoated coils increased 220% while the protected actually demonstrated 46-63% greater operating efficiency. Corrosion along the coasts show the most severe corrosion due to salt air, acid rain, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and corrosion... It's time you protect your investments.

Why Vero Beach and Sebastian Homeowners Need Our HVAC Corrosion Protection

To protect your Vero Beach or Sebastian HVAC system, call Star Quality Air Conditioning. Our knowledgeable air conditioning staff can administer our corrosion protection to your system. We have all the latest in equipment and everything we need to outfit your home with the best corrosion coatings available. Your outside unit will need the treatment the most since it's always exposed to the harsh conditions that create corrosion.

Our HVAC technicians stay current on new heating and cooling systems and repair techniques through company sponsored continuing education and training, allowing them to provide the best service to our customers. This includes corrosion protection coatings for your home air conditioning and heating systems.

If you are looking for HVAC Corrosion Protection in Vero Beach or Sebastian, please call 772-340-6095 or complete our online request form.

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